Who is Dr Oz?

Mehmet Cengiz Oz, also known as Dr. Oz was born on the 11th of June 1960. He is a Turkish-American author, cardiothoracic surgeon and television personality. It is important to mention that Oz first appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show in the year 2004. Later he appeared on Larry King Live and a couple of other television programs afterwards. In the year 2009, the Dr. Oz show which focuses on personal health and medical issues was launched by Harpo Production in conjunction with Sony Pictures.

Early life

Dr. Oz was born on Ohio, and to be specific, in Cleveland to a couple: Suna and Mustafa Oz. His parents at that time had emigrated from the Konya Province in Turkey. This was after he received a scholarship which allowed him to work and study in the United States as a medical resident back in the year 1955. In his early years, Dr. Oz attended school in Tower Hill School in Delaware. Later on in the year 1982, he got his undergraduate degree from the Harvard University. In the year 1986, he obtained his MBA and MD degrees from the Wharton School and University of Pennsylvania respectively. It is also important to appreciate that Oz was also awarded with Captain Athletic Award for his exemplary leadership in college.


Since the year 2001, Dr. Oz has been lecturing at the Columbia University Department of Surgery. He directs the complementary medicine program and the cardiovascular institute at the New York Presbyterian Hospital. His major interests include health care policies, minimally invasive surgery and heart replacement surgery. With a good number of collaborators, he has been able to come up with a number of research papers, book chapters and even medical books. Moreover, he has received a couple of patents throughout his career.

It is important to appreciate that Dr. Oz is the chairman and founder of HealthCorps which is a non-profit organization which pays fresh college graduated so they can spend at least two years in high school mentoring other students about fitness, nutrition and health issues.

Television and Movies

As aforementioned, Oz first appeared on TV as a health expert in the Oprah Winfrey Show. On this show, he addressed a number of issues which included diabetes and general body wellness including weight loss (Dr. Oz recommends garcinia cambogia as a natural weight loss supplement). He has also come up with a TV series, transplant which has since earned him the Freddie and Silver Telly Awards. Other shows that he has featured in include Today Show, Good Morning America, The View and Larry King Live.

Are Natural Cosmetics Really Effective?

That is a very fair question to ask if you want to avoid all the chemicals that come with cosmetics. The more chemicals they contain, the higher the chances that you may react to them. Also, some of the most highly promoted cosmetics haven’t been around long enough for us to see their long term effects. Mercury was regularly added to creams in the 70’s and people had no idea that in 20 years, they would have patchy skin that they couldn’t reclaim. That leaves natural cosmetics and to answer the question, they are effective. Here is a look at some of the popular effective ones.

- Aloe vera

You can call it a natural miracle for the skin. The juice extract from the aloe vera plant has strong moisturizing and antibacterial qualities. Used once or twice a week, you will have skin as smooth as a baby’s. All you need to do is get yourself some aloe plants. When you want to apply some extract, break a leaf, cut it though so that you have 2 strips dripping with juice and apply it to your face. Be careful not to get any ion your mouth – it is very bitter.

- Avocado

It was avoided for a long time because people assumed that it contained too much fat. It doesn’t; it is absolutely healthy and it will do wonders for your skin. Eat an avocado a day and notice the change on your skin, hair and nails. You can also mash it up and use it as a mask. Leave it in for about 15 or 30 minutes and rinse off. Repeat this often enough and your skin will start to look well moisturized and smooth all the time.

- Baking soda

If you have dry skin that needs exfoliating, don’t run for the nearest body scrub that you can buy. Baking soda is excellent for exfoliation. Add it to your regular moisturizer and apply on your face and then rub it in so that loose skin comes off. Rinse and feel your face.

- Milk of magnesia

Yes, the one that calms an upset stomach. It makes an excellent foundation and you don’t have to buy the stuff from the beauty shop any more. Just apply, allow to dry and then get rid of whiteness with a soft cloth. Go ahead and put on your makeup and see if there is a difference. There isn’t, and you have avoided the chemicals that are used to make up foundation.

4 excellent natural cosmetics that will leave you and your skin healthier!

An Introduction to Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Garcinia cambogia is a weight loss supplement extracted from a plant known as Gambooge. It is a yellowish plant that resembles a pumpkin and widely grown in Asian countries. This plant was initially used as a food preservative as well as preparation of particular food items. However, it is now used globally to fight weight loss issues because it contains essential elements ideal for reducing weight.

The benefits of garcinia cambogia extract

This weight loss supplement has several benefits to people who are using it to reduce weight (click the following link to see garcinia cambogia reviews, you can find more here). It contains essential natural appetite suppressant components that enable the user to reduce frequent craving of particular foods. This is vital because the users will be able to fight weight loss problems since there desire to eat foods that make them to gain weight will contained by the elements contained in this extract.

Garcinia cambogia helps in effective burning of excess calories contained in the body as well as regulating the ideal amount of calories that should be stored in the body. This helps the user to attain and maintain the desirable body weight because this product eliminates unwanted fats and block excess fat from getting into various body tissues.

This supplement is also beneficial because it helps in controlling the level of hormones that stimulate stress. This is important because it helps in preventing possible emotional spree eating which is usually among the main causes of gaining weight.

Garcinia cambogia for weight loss helps in enhancing the levels of serotonin, which is an active body neurotransmitter, thus helping in relieving stress as well as revitalizing the brain and the overall body.

The side effects of garcinia cambogia extract

This product does not necessarily have adverse health side effects to the user because it is made of purely natural components. However, it can affect the health of unborn or lactating infant thus not recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The other side effect is that it can lead to severe loss of appetite thus leading to malnutrition because your body will be missing some vital nutrients that can be obtained from varied foods.

Other side effects include mild headache, bloating and gastrointestinal disorders which in most cases are due to using impure garcinia cambogia.

The suitable place to purchase this product is online. This is because online retailers provide genuine garcinia cambogia pills. You can also buy them from reputable local outlets and dealers.

This is an ideal product efficient for loosing weight that you should consider buying.

If you don’t want to take weight loss supplements, you should do some physical exercise. There are plenty of great workout programs out there, like the popular Insanity workout…